Seller Checklist: What to do Before Putting Your Home on the Market

Selling your home ain’t for the faint-hearted. It requires some elbow grease and a lot of dedication. Not to be confused with staging your home, getting your house prepared to be sold entails a lot of time and attention.

Do not let the apparent hard work dissuade you. The reward for putting in such tedious care before selling will be completely worthwhile. All you need to make the seemingly impossible possible is a handy-dandy checklist. From research to cleaning, here are ways you should enhance and revamp your home before putting in on the market.

Research the local market

You learned from a very early age: you HAVE to do your homework. The only way to ace a test is to do the homework. This early lesson can be applied to all aspects of life. Research your local market, get an idea of listing prices for homes similar to yours by looking at previous sales in the neighborhood and remember to keep comparisons realistic. Equipping yourself with this detailed knowledge will significantly increase your chances of selling your home promptly.

Deep Clean

Nothing turns away a buyer faster than a dirty, smelly home. I mean, who wants to buy the house that made their nose cringe? Before even considering to list your home on the market, make sure you are cleaning everything from the floors and walls to the bathrooms and garages. For those with limited time on their hands, invest in a professional cleaning company.


This step may be a bit harder for families who have loved their home for a long time. However, it is crucial for sellers to remove any personal affiliations from the house to allow potential buyers to connect with it. This could include family photos, bold artwork, and distinct furniture. The point of it all is to offer a blank canvas for potential families to project their visions onto.


If cleaning the walls did the trick, skip this tip. However, if there are scuff marks, scratches, or stains, give the whole room a makeover. This is also a good idea for homes that feature rooms with bright colors. While this can be inviting and incentivizing for some, bright colored rooms can limit future potential buyers.

Add some zest

Buy a new welcome mat to catch their eye. Add some plants to larger rooms to create a more welcoming environment. Place a bowl of fruit on the dining table to make the room homier. All the little touches add up to a big impression!

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